El Mule


Born in 1993, and raised 14 miles NorthEast of Hanna, Alberta, Trevor Christensen was brought up in a ranching family.  In a family of six, he grew up watching and understanding how far support and hard work can carry a person.

Getting his first guitar at the age of 8 from his Grandparents, Trevor started to work on his craft and his addiction to music came to fruition.  After 8 years of playing guitar, Trevor's interest carried over to singing as well.

At the age of 18, Trevor got his first show in the Canadian Country Music scene at Ranchman's as a guitar player, with thanks to his longtime friend, Sean Watts.  This spark eventually turned into his career as a freelance musician for the Canadian country scene.  Trevor has played with many different Canadian artists over the years and has been a full time musician since 2011.

A lifelong dream, ever since getting his first guitar, Trevor has wanted to release an album of his own to the world. This has finally become a possibility with the support of his wife, family and close friends.  With all the songs written by himself, Trevor has inserted his life and himself into the songs.

"All of these songs that you will be hearing have come from some part of my life.  Stories of friends or little excerpts from my own experiences, I have tried to hold nothing back."-Trevor Christensen

With a special thanks to Sean Watts, Ray Banman, Lisa Dodd Watts, Tim Jeffrey, and Darren 'Doc' Sillito, for all their hard work.  To my folks, David and Sheila, and my wife Taylor Christensen, for without none of this would be possible.

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